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Going on a family holiday?

Posted on December 04, 2019

Going on a family holiday? It is such an exciting time, being able to make memories with your kids and provide them with a fun few days or weeks away from home right? Well yes, the holiday itself will be exciting however as a parent who is about to go on a long drive with a car full of kids you are probably stressing, dreading and thinking why the earth did I decide to do this. Don’t stress too much, there are ways that you can make the car trip that little bit simpler on everyone.


Before piling everyone into the car, make sure that your car seats and boosters are all properly secured into their spots and are restrained. This is the most important step to ensure that everyone is safe and secure throughout the drive. When stopping for rest breaks, check the buckles before putting the kids back in to make sure that their little hands have not been playing around and unplugged anything...


When going on a road trip there is going to be a lot of packing needing to be done. Not only for the actual holiday but there is also things that you need to have packed and in reach or handy locations in the car for during the trip. Try to pack as much of the car as possible the night before to avoid having to pack the morning of the trip when you have little eager children waiting to leave. Try to pack as minimal as possible, especially if you are going to be spending a few days in the car.


The last thing you want is for the kids to be in the back of the car complaining that they are uncomfortable. This is going to make the trip seem WAY longer! Where possible equip them with little blankets and cushions to help them stay comfortable

  Activities and Snacks

Keeping the kids occupied throughout the trip will help save the sanity of everyone in the car. Putting together little activity packs for each child will help to keep them occupied and distracted throughout the drive. Colouring in books, reading books, figurines and dvds will help during the drive. Also don’t forget the snacks! Cut up fruit, biscuits, chips and sandwiches are all foods that are relatively low mess foods that should be okay to snack on whilst driving.

  Choosing when to leave

Choosing an ideal time to leave will depend on a few different things including; how far you are needing to drive, the age of your kids and the route in which you are taking. Where possible try to leave either late at night or very early in the morning if you are doing a long drive. This means that you may get a couple of hours of your little ones sleeping and will make the trip seem like it is going a lot quicker.

Travelling with kids does not need to be a stressful affair and with these few little tips you just may make it out alive 😉

Happy travelling and if you have any other tips that may help feel free to share them!

Christmas Traditions

Posted on November 19, 2019

Christmas morning is something that we look forward to all year! Once you become a parent the excitement of Christmas is tripled. It is a time where the excitement that you once felt as a child is able to be given to your children. It is your time to start new traditions, play new games and give your children a smile from ear to ear.

There are many traditions surrounding Christmas and each family does things in their own little way. The traditions that you create are all part of the magic of Christmas.

Christmas morning is a time where you can add in your own little traditions, ones that mean something to you and your family and that will give your children something to get excited about.

These are some of our favourite Christmas morning traditions...

  Hot Chocolate and Marshmellows

Depending what time your kids wake you up on Christmas morning, it may still be a little chilly – yes I am talking about the 5am wakers! However whatever time you are up in the morning a great tradition to start is hot chocolates with marshmellows.

Have the first thing of the morning for the kids to open as their own mug with hot chocolate sachet and a few marshmellows. Have everyone sit together and enjoy their warm hot chocolate before ripping into the surprises left by Santa.

 Christmas Breakfast

So many people think about the big Christmas lunch but no one ever thinks about breakfast! Breakfast is in fact the most important meal of the day 😉

Set a tradition for a family Christmas breakfast with all the trimmings. Pancakes, fresh fruit, toast, bacon, eggs – you name it. Start the day right by all sitting together to enjoy a meal. Spend the time talking about the presents that have already been opened, the people who are coming over and what the kids are most looking forward to (presents, the answer is presents).

  Matching Outfits

It does not matter what age you are, if you are all in matching outfits it is going to look damn cute!

Why not start a tradition of everyone wearing the same thing. You can change throughout the day but even for a little while if your kids see you wearing the same clothes as them they are going to think it is HILARIOUS! Plus it will make for some amazing photos.

  Make a gingerbread house

Every Christmas lunch needs a dessert. Why not spend the morning making a gingerbread house together with the kids that can be used as a centerpiece during the lunch and then given as dessert afterwards.

The kids will love being able to decorate the gingerbread house and putting their own spin on it. Plus it means that they can snack on the decorations whilst making it.

  See your neighbours

Christmas is all about giving and sharing. Why not take a plate of cookies over to your neighbours in the morning and wish them all Merry Christmas. Spend a bit of time with each of them and let them know that they are welcome throughout the day if they like. This will help teach the kids about including everyone and making sure that no one misses out during the festive period. 

Christmas is a very fun and exciting time and it is best enjoyed with those you love and care about. Why not put your own special spin on Christmas by adding in your own traditions and celebrations. There are many traditions now that take place in the lead up to Christmas and on Christmas Eve including; Elf on the Shelf, Christmas Eve boxes, leaving cookies out for Santa and much more. But no one really thinks too much about Christmas morning. Start your own traditions with your kids that they can continue once they have their own families.

What traditions are you going to start this year?

Whether to travel overseas or stay within Australia and travel interstate?

Posted on October 29, 2019

Going on a family holiday is an exciting time – especially if it is the first one. The hardest part about planning a family holiday is deciding where to go.

You need to find somewhere that everyone will enjoy, that is within your budget and that will help you to create life long memories.

A question that many people are left with is whether to travel overseas or stay within Australia and travel interstate...

There are many benefits to both overseas and interstate travel however we always recommend travelling around Australia before venturing overseas.


When travelling overseas you are given the option to see how many different cultures and people live their lives. Many parts of the world live very different to Australia and it is amazing to watch how they live and get involved in their culture whilst you are there.

When travelling overseas it can become a lot more expensive though. There is the need for passports, sometimes visas and then of course the airfares and accommodation on top.


Staying within Australia is still a great way to travel and have a family holiday.

Even though you are still within the same country, Australia has many different areas and the way of living in the different areas does vary a lot.

If you are from a colder area than travelling to somewhere like North Queensland will give you an insight into the warmer parts of Australia.

You will see many different types of fauna and flora across Australia and some that you have never heard of.

Another benefit of travelling around Australia is that in the event that something does happen and you need to cut your trip short than you are easily able to get home.

When traveling around Australia as well, you have the option of whether you want to drive or fly. You get a chance to see many different areas in the same amount of time that you would experience just a small part of another country.


Many people do not realise just how beautiful Australia is and the wide range of different areas we have within this beautiful country. So before you order your passport and book your overseas flights, check out a few different Australian areas and see the beauty that you have on your own door step.

3 essentials to take when travelling

Posted on October 20, 2019

Whether you are going on a holiday for a few days or a few weeks, there are always essentials that need to be packed. And 90% of the time you will forget at least one of them – lets face it, it happens!

When deciding what to take with you it is important not to over pack because if you are flying it means that you may need to pay extra depending on how much your luggage weighs. If you are taking a road trip, the last thing you want is to have the car overloaded and everyone cramped.

Here is our list of the 3 essentials to take when travelling...


Obvious right? But when packing your clothes it is important to make sure that you are not taking more than you need. Find out if the place you are staying has laundry facilities and whether you are able to access them. This means  you are able to take less with you

Even if you are travelling in the middle of summer, you need to make sure you are also packing at least one set of warm clothes. The weather is very unpredictable and you don’t want to be caught out without a jumper.


Whether it is just Panadol or if it is daily medication that needs to be taken, it is important that you have them all with you and that they are clearly labelled. It is also a good idea to have a list in your medicine box that you take with what each of the medications are, who they are for and when they take them. This means that in the event of an accident those who are tending to you are able to see what medications are being used and what conditions a person may have.


Phone chargers, camera chargers and laptop chargers are pretty easy to get your hands on if you do forget them, however it can become a costly exercise. Make sure that you pack enough cables for the different devices and have them in a waterproof container or pack throughout the trip to avoid them getting damaged.

The last thing you want is to miss out on a perfect selfie moment because your camera or phone has ran out of battery.

It also is very important to have a charged phone in the event of an emergency.

There are plenty of other things that you need to take with you when travelling, however these are our top three.

What other things do you make sure you never travel without?

Things to do in Ayr

Posted on October 2, 2019

Ayr is located roughly 90km from Townsville and it is a little area that many people seem to skip when they are doing a road trip up through Queensland. However Ayr is its own little hidden gem and there is plenty to do within the area.

Check out our list of the best things to do when visiting Ayr...

 Scuba Diving the SS Yongala Wreck

The SS Yongala Wreck is one of the worlds best diving wrecks and it is one of the best scuba diving spots in Australia.

You get a chance to see an abundance of marine life, ship wreckage and beautiful corals throughout your dive.


One of the most popular activities for both locals and tourists alike is fishing. The boat ownership for the Burdekin District is one of the highest per head count in the state and it shows when you see the number of people out on their boats.

There are a range of different spots that you can fish from, breeds that you can fish for and of course plenty of opportunity to enjoy a fresh fish dinner afterwards (even if you didn’t catch any)


The Ayr area is known for its beautiful wetlands. They are not only beautiful to look at but they also create an amazing photo opportunity. The wetlands just behind Alva Beach are fantastic and you will get an even better view of them when you in the countryside not far from the rivers.

 Bird watching

If fishing or scuba diving isn’t for you than there is also the opportunity to do a bit of bird watching whilst in Ayr. Driving around the countryside will give you the opportunity to see a range of different species of birds in the fields or flying above the lagoons.

Ayr is a small town that is full of friendly locals that are happy to stop for a chat and to give you some advice on the best places to stay or to eat whilst you are in town.

Ayr is more than just a drive through town on your road trip. So next time you are heading through Queensland and you have the opportunity to stop in Ayr, spend a few days here exploring.